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We connect you directly with hiring managers.

Tired after searching job boards, applying on career websites and Networking?

Use a better method, with JobMethods.

How It Works: 3 Steps


Introduction: Virtually meet your Personal Advisor

Begin with a quick call with your Advisor.
The objectives for your Advisor are:

  • Help you succeed
  • Get to know you, your requirements and aspirations.
  • Ensure your experience working with JobMethods is AWESOME!
  • STEP 2

    Conversational Interview: Talk with our expert hiring leader

    Your advisor will setup a call with the right Expert.
    The objectives for the Expert are:

  • Mirror the role of a hiring manager
  • Review your skills and experience
  • Make recommendations on job profiles that best fit you
  • STEP 3

    Access Matched Jobs: Meet hiring managers directly for jobs you choose.

    Your Advisor will help connect with the Hiring Managers of the roles you choose.
    The objectives for the Employer are:

  • Accelerate your interviews
  • Present you with the most suitable compensation packages
  • Provide feedback for you in the case the job requirements were not met
  • Benefits

    One Call, Multiple Jobs

    We work with an exclusive network of employers.
    Get pre-qualified and talking to hiring managers after one call with us.

    Highly Targeted Jobs

    No two jobs with the same title are the same. We strive for quality, not quantity and introduce you to the best ones.

    Save Time and Effort

    We take the grunt out of searching and do the legwork for you - using AI and our staff.

    Explore Secretly, Anytime

    We work with you 1:1 whether you are job hunting or just curious. Your information never leaves our company, until you choose to take the next step.

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