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(First published on Quora on Jan 2, 2018)

There are numerous factors at play here and you should pick the offer that provides the best balance among lifestyle/career/financial well-being /family.

Let’s get the location bit out of the way first. Weather-wise, yes it does get cold but mostly manageable and you will love the cooler summer/fall. Plus there’s more to Chicago than just the winter. I moved to east coast from bay area 12+ years ago and now I actually love the seasonal changes. Weather should not be high on the priority list, especially if you can check the other boxes on your wish-list. Don’t let it deter you especially if the role is to your liking.

Now of the 2 roles, the data scientist role is more comprehensive requiring more competencies in math/stats and biz domain expertise. You will probably be closer to the management, providing inputs to the business. But you would have the exact job requirements, so can be a better judge.

If not already, you should have a career plan in place and then figure out which role is a better fit and provides maximum growth opportunities. If in doubt, reach out and consult seniors/experts and even peers to help you with this. It may take some serious soul searching but you should come with a clearer view of where you are headed.

If you want to be objective, a little weighted-factor analysis should be right up your alley. You can get a worksheet off the web. I’d recommend that be comprehensive and figure out at least 20 factors you strongly feel about (both +ve and –ve) and do assign the weights before scoring. Here’s a sample of factors:

  • Job related factors - title, position, skills match, domain knowledge match, team, supervisor, senior management,
  • Career related factors - leadership prospects, growth potential, training, mentoring, career path
  • Financial factors - compensation, benefits, vacation, relocation, cost of living
  • Lifestyle factors – telecommuting, commute time, workday hours
  • Company related factors – reputation, red-tape, culture, stability, growth
  • From this analysis, If the total scores for each role diverge, then you have a clear winner. But If scores are similar, then don’t overthink, just trust and go with your gut.

    Hope that helps.


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