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(First published on Quora on Dec 15, 2017)

I can understand the frustration of not getting into very desirable high-tech companies. Assessing from your disappointment, it is likely that getting into these company is your dream. Notice that I wrote “is” and not “was” because your desire and dream lives in your heart and mind (no matter how much you avoid thinking about it).

Companies such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook have a precisely crafted and structured interview process and are extremely selective with candidates. They receive literally tens of thousands of resumes and on an average have 100+ applicants for each hired position.

These companies use a combination or all of these following tests or techniques:

  1. Problem-solving,
  2. Structured interviewing (behavioral and/or situational), and
  3. Test for cognitive ability.

Acing these interviews is going to be hard, but you can do it. A golden rule that I can share is more apt, I mean literally APT (Aware, Prepare & Test).

  • Aware: One has to be aware of what is expected of them when they interview for particular positions at these companies. This helps in managing the number of curve balls you get thrown at in the interviews.
  • Prepare: Prepare thoroughly for the type and level of position you are hoping to get. There are plenty of resources available (MOOC, youtube) to learn or re-learn.
  • Test: Test your skills with buddies, peers or other resources to determine the level of your preparation. It is important to have mock interviews with folks with superior talent who can give you feedback while also encouraging you. Receiving good and crisp feedback is critical.

    To summarize, if your wish or dream is to join these high-tech companies, don’t give up on your dream. Prepare and work hard to get your skills more proficient so that the next time you interview with these companies, they fight over hiring you!

    Lastly, it may make sense for you to get a coach or a mentor (if you don’t already have one) to discuss your goals and struggles. Ask them to be a sounding board for your future plans.

    “Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.”
    General George Patton


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